Labor Services

Are you pressed for time with your own construction project? Boutz Construction and Demolition has helped thousands of construction contractors and engineers meet their deadlines by offering professional demolition services. Our team of demolition experts is always ready to get a project done.

If you require additional men to work with you, don’t hesitate to call Boutz Construction and Demolition. With our years of experience in this business, our clients and their referrals are very satisfied with the way we work. You won’t have to worry about safety training because we have already trained our crew with regards to that. Give us a call to discuss your requirements so we can start working together soon.

Concrete Removal

Boutz Construction and Demolition covers all areas in construction including concrete and asphalt removal. With our help, any construction project will be done faster and easier. We will cut the asphalt/concrete from your building, slab wall or driveway and haul it away in no time.

This selective demolition involving concrete removes the risk of injury to your site workers and increases their productivity. You now have more time to focus on other important tasks while we handle the demolition and removal of concrete. Our team and equipment are highly qualified to do this particular job. We cater to both residential and commercial clients seeking assistance for their demolition projects. Contact us for further information.

Interior Demolition

Demolition is no easy task. Safety is our number one priority here at Boutz Construction and Demolition. In every project we handle, from selective demolition to a total interior demolition, we always make sure our clients, their employees and their properties receive the highest regard for safety. All interior demolitions that we do, from interior dismantling to duct line cleaning and decontamination and even removal of hazardous materials are done carefully, systematically, and efficiently.

Our training not only covers demolition practices, but also includes safety procedures and great customer service. We are sensitive to and proficient in performing tasks that require strict controls with regard to dust, noise and vibration. We never leave a project unfinished; from preparations to clean-up, we see to it that everything is professionally done. Call us today to discuss how we can help you meet your contracting and subcontracting goals.

Selective Demolition

Boutz Construction and Demolition works with general contractors, construction managers and developers to prepare structures for reconstruction. Our selective demolition services make it easier for them to finish their projects. We have worked with industrial companies, office building contractors, transportation agencies, power companies and so many commercial companies doing partial or complete renovations.

Before starting any selective demolition project, we see to it that all areas have been surveyed and prepared, all equipment are in good working condition, and all details of the project have been organized and planned carefully. We are prepared to meet all challenges from our clients.

Retail Store Demolition

When you need help to demolish parts or walls of your retail store, call Boutz Construction and Demolition to do the job for you. We do strip demolition of dividing walls, interiors, and basements as well.
Using the latest technologies, demolition projects can be finished faster and more efficiently.

In addition, our team is well-trained and experienced in this field. We are the choice of most retail store owners when it comes to small to large scale demolition. Contact us today so you can get more details about this specific service from Boutz Construction and Demolition.

Department Store Demolition

Boutz Construction and Demolition has carried out interior demolition for numerous buildings. Department stores are one of our best clients and we have worked with them countless of times to ensure seamless outcomes. Usually department store owners come to us for specific demolition requirements. Some of them only want a portion of their property to be demolished to make way for new departments while others want the whole building gutted down to a white box.

When we take on a project like department store demolition, we usually start with site visits so we can fully plan our strategies. We handle preparations for refurbishment or alteration and modification for these buildings and structures. Our experts work closely with our clients in order to make the demolition project run smoothly.

Plant and Facility Demolition

Boutz Construction and Demolition specializes in the industrial demolition of facilities or warehouses. Our clients rely on us to perform in a safe manner that reduces cost, increases asset return, and limits liabilities.

Our company works with our customers needs to get the job done quickly so there is never any down time on their end.